Modern 1!

Every time i hear a new track that is interesting, fun, memorable and makes me press repeat (sometimes more than once), everything stops. I still remember the time when Liana, one of my college friends played Gotan Project for me it was 2004, i was moved. It was the rebirth of Astor Piazzolla, god of Argentinian tango, with an arresting twist. I had no idea that one day (or to be exact October 6, 2010) I would be performing Gotan Project music for an intimate yet powerful group of friends at a Chicago hotspot Double A. That evening was magical!
I continue to perform at Double A every Wednesday, my musical selections change swiftly. My favorites this week are Tyson and Yuksek. Also Chukie’s remix of Michael’s Hollywood Tonight. Today Jamiroquai’s Smile hit the spot.
I can’t wait to play with it on my electric violin(his name is Black Stagg-lion), when most people sing along to their favorite song, i turn to Him;)

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