J.Cheikh Presents to Chicago

The men of Chicago often don’t get the attention they deserve. There are very, very few local fashion shows dedicated to menswear, so when one comes up it’s a show to be seen. Last week, J.Cheikh showed its collection to Chicago for the first time. The brainchild of Sophie Lin (previously with Shorty Clothing) and her husband Cheikh Lam, this locally produced label launched in the Fall 2010 with a focus on adding a distinct flare to classic menswear.

Presented at the industrial Loft on Lake in the West Loop, the show opened with a lively solo by violinist Katarina Visnevska, who rocked out in a gold sequined hoodie. Next, the models whipped by one-by-one as they donned crisp dress shirts, straight-leg pants and tailored blazers in the colors every man loves: black, white, cream, gray and, of course, metallics. The tailoring was reminiscent of “Mad Men’s” slim fit, but this collection came with a bit more pizazz. This came from silver jacquard pants, blazers with dressed-up lapels, silk separates, velvet suits and fox stoles. The outcome was a collection built around the pieces men love to wear–but those same men have grown a bit board with the predictable. They’re looking for something more daring, more eccentric and just plain lively.

By Meghan Turner

Photography by Eddie Ellis

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